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Dryer vents that have been improperly routed or installed are among the top causes of major fires involving your dryers. It happens because lint can accumulate in the exhaust vent, lowering the effectiveness of your dryer’s ability to expel heated water vapor, which then builds as heat energy within your unit. And as your dryer overheats, it can cause mechanical failures, which then translates to sparks lighting up the trapped lint within your dryer vent system. That is why rerouting dryer vents are of the utmost importance, particularly if you have a complicated dryer vent system in your laundry room. However, if you want to maximize your dryer’s efficiency, dryer vent rerouting or dryer vent replacement services from Ruud AC Installation Repair can be of great help!

Our in-house design team with HRAI certification and BCIN means that, not only will we size your equipment properly, but we can also ensure your ductwork is sized properly.
We have our own state-of-the-art fabrication facility to truly customize all your needs.
Our guarantee
We guarantee to provide you with the best service possible. You will always be treated with the respect you deserve and we guarantee we will always appreciate your business. We back this up with guaranteed service within 24 hours of the time you call us.
Installations — all of our installers are licenced!
Our installers are the best in the business and they take pride in what they do! They are always happy to answer any questions you have about your new system and always treat your home like it is their own.

Located in Malibu, CA, Ruud AC Installation Repair has a great team that can help reroute dryer vents, especially routing them to the ideal path possible. With our team of technicians, you know that the stability and efficiency of your dryer vent system will get maximized. Our team of experts does this so that you can enjoy the following benefits below such as:

  • Reduces some significant fires from your dryer
  • Prevents molds, mildew, and other contaminants to build-up
  • Enhance airflow
  • And maximize your dryer’s efficiency

So if you are here because of the following, have one of our experts for dryer vent rerouting services now!

Hire Ruud AC Installation Repair Now!

At Ruud AC Installation Repair, we understand that having issues with your dryer vent system is a difficult situation to deal with. That is why our team of skilled experts is constantly available and prepared to handle any dryer vent system services you require. So whether you are here to get one of ours to reroute dryer vents in your homes or need someone for dryer vent installation service, we can always help out! You don’t have to be concerned about our team because we’ve been in the business for a long time, and we know just how to help our customers, especially when it comes to their dryer vent system.

What Makes Ruud AC Installation Repair The Best Option for Our Malibu Customers?

  • Detailed provider of dryer vent services
  • Licensed and certified specialists that know best in dryer vent cleaning and other services.
  • Offers the best service pricing
  • No hassle service transactions
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Fast response time
  • And there’s a lot more to mention

So when it comes to rerouting dryer vents, dryer vent replacements, or dryer vent installation service, leave it all to our team of experts today! We will ensure that everything will be easy for you, from the start to finishing the job you require.

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To know how our team of Ruud AC Installation Repair professionals can help, please feel free to contact our customer service right away! Our team will be available 24/7, ready to help or answer whatever inquiries you have in mind. So whether you are here to book one of our experts for today’s job or tomorrows’, we can book right away!

Just give our team of professionals a call, and we’ll make sure that you get the right assistance right when you need it.


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