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Looking to get a Ruud rooftop unit installed for your home or business in Pasadena? If yes, then you’ve found the right place! At Ruud AC Installation Repair, we have qualified technicians to efficiently deal with your rooftop unit’s repairs, installation, and maintenance. Additionally, we guarantee that you experience the full potential of your rooftop unit to provide you optimal comfort for your property. If you are interested in knowing more about rooftop units, feel free to call us. Our certified and seasoned technicians will ensure all your Ruud rooftop unit repair, installation, and maintenance services are completed promptly and efficiently.

Our in-house design team with HRAI certification and BCIN means that, not only will we size your equipment properly, but we can also ensure your ductwork is sized properly.
We have our own state-of-the-art fabrication facility to truly customize all your needs.
Our guarantee
We guarantee to provide you with the best service possible. You will always be treated with the respect you deserve and we guarantee we will always appreciate your business. We back this up with guaranteed service within 24 hours of the time you call us.
Installations — all of our installers are licenced!
Our installers are the best in the business and they take pride in what they do! They are always happy to answer any questions you have about your new system and always treat your home like it is their own.

Benefits of Rooftop Units

A rooftop packaged system is a centralized system that meets all the heating and cooling needs.

The system is conveniently placed on the roof. They offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility. No need for lengthy ductwork throughout your home and reducing duct cleaning costs. It also makes it easier to build separate temperature zones within the same building and better sizing HVAC components.
  • Easier, less disruptive maintenance. Rooftop units provide easy, unobstructed access to the system by HVAC technicians. More importantly, technicians can access them without troubling your home or business. Services won’t have to block or stall your work. Rooftop units mean less maintenance dust, debris, and noise.
  • Better energy efficiency, more choices. This one’s a big deal.  Fresh air dampers are one of the many energy-saving devices available for rooftop HVAC systems. The damper is a flap inside a duct and, when opened, allows a stream of cool outside air to combine with the conditioned air from the HVAC unit. Its operation is automatic and programmable. Systems that vary the volume of air flowing through the ductwork, usually by changing the flow rate, are standard on rooftop units. Again, programmed control is the norm.

  • No loss of valuable space. Rooftop systems never lose usable floor or yard space. You can also install them in other locations, such as in the basement or the attic. An establishment with ample outdoor space for an HVAC unit may still benefit from a rooftop unit as it shortens the total duct length.
  • Option to use natural gas. The use of natural gas for the heating part is common. Natural-gas air conditioning is widely used and significantly efficient.

Why Choose Us?

At Ruud AC Installation Repair, we are dedicated to presenting our customers with the best level of service in the HVAC industry. We closely work with you to decide if a rooftop unit is the best choice for your building and what size you need to keep your property warm and cool. For the past many years, our technicians have been surpassing customers’ expectations in Pasadena.

Rooftop Unit Repair Service in Pasadena! Here at Ruud AC Installation Repair, we’re one of the prominent HVAC companies in Pasadena. Our accredited technicians will help you choose the best rooftop heating and cooling system for your home or business. We are qualified to install, replace and repair any make and model of Ruud rooftop units efficiently.

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