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An air conditioner breakdown is not a rare occurrence in residential and commercial properties, and there are many reasons they happen. Most of the time, an air conditioner break down happens because of a failing interior or exterior component. If not, the unit might break due to its age or lack of maintenance. However, whatever be the reason your air conditioning system stopped working, Ruud AC Installation Repair experts can help you fix it. They have the skills and experience and will offer you the perfect solution to all your air conditioning issues. Schedule their first visit today by calling us at (602) 293-8036.

Our in-house design team with HRAI certification and BCIN means that, not only will we size your equipment properly, but we can also ensure your ductwork is sized properly.
We have our own state-of-the-art fabrication facility to truly customize all your needs.
Our guarantee
We guarantee to provide you with the best service possible. You will always be treated with the respect you deserve and we guarantee we will always appreciate your business. We back this up with guaranteed service within 24 hours of the time you call us.
Installations — all of our installers are licenced!
Our installers are the best in the business and they take pride in what they do! They are always happy to answer any questions you have about your new system and always treat your home like it is their own.

We Guarantee Perfect Air Conditioning Repair Service.

Some homeowners might be sometimes tempted to fix their air conditioning units DIY – sometimes to save time and money. As you already know, conditioners come in various brands and encounter issues of different origins. This fact makes an air conditioner difficult to fix by an inexperienced technician. In short, we do not recommend homeowners try fixing their AC DIY. To be sure that your cooler issues are fixed properly, you should use the service of a professional technician. Our experts at Ruud AC Installation Repair are the best choice for air conditioning repair services in your area. They have the training, knowledge, and certification to quickly bring your air conditioner back to working condition.

How To Recognise an Air Conditioning Issue

Short Cycling and Other Performance Issues:

An air conditioning that short cycles or has difficulties producing cool air signals a failure in the unit. Often it is due to a faulty component of the system. When you encounter such a problem, call an expert immediately to troubleshoot it.

High Energy Bills:

Have you been noticing that your bills have suddenly surged during the hot months? Some people will think it is normal since you start using your air conditioner more during the summer months, but it is not the case. Using your air conditioner should make your energy bills surge. If it does, you have a problem with your air conditioning unit and need an expert air conditioning technician to come and fix it.

Leaking AC

Cooling devices are not meant to leak, especially indoors, and that is also the case for air conditioners. An air conditioning system that leaks might cause your refrigerator to stop working entirely. If you do not act upon the problem quickly, you might end up with spoiled food, mold appearance, and skin irritations if you come in contact with the liquid from your fridge. 

When you notice a leak, call an expert technician to have a look at it and fix it.

Loud Noises.

An air conditioner that is working properly should create a noise that is uncomfortable and difficult to bear. If your AC makes irritating noises when working, you should stop using it and call an expert to look at it immediately.

Low Air Flow.

Airflow in an air conditioner is very important – it helps in the proper distribution of air in the room where the conditioner is installed. If the airflow coming from your AC is weak, the unit might take more time to cool your home. To prevent that loss of efficiency, call our experts immediately if you notice a low air conditioner airflow. 

Ruud AC Installation Repair – The Best Air Conditioning Repair Service In Your Area.

We know our customers’ need for reliability and affordability when it comes to air conditioner repair services. This is why we placed all the ingredients in our services to bring you complete satisfaction. That is – high responsiveness, efficient and dependable services, punctual and respectful technicians, and very affordable cost service. With all these together, we are able to provide you with high-standard service and guarantee you a perfectly working air conditioner at the end of our service.

Call Us Now To Schedule an Appointment.

There is no wrong time to contact us for an air conditioner repair booking. Our customer service representatives work 24/7, all year round, and will gladly help you schedule an appointment for you. You choose the day and time when it is most convenient for you to receive our experts, and we will have our technician there on time.

We can plan your air conditioner troubleshooting visit today – just call us at (602) 293-8036 and enjoy our quality service.


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